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Cuda Tackle Center

99,00 €

ID: 7008284
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22113, Hamburg-Mitte, Hamburg, Deutschland


The Cuda Tackle Center is a purpose built tool containment system that provides you with a convenient place to safely store your Cuda tools. It fits securely into most cup holders, and the turning ring at the base locks it into place. An excellent choice for kayaks where space and mobility are limited as well, the containment rods inside the tackle center hug the tools and keep them from shifting. Complete with a net cover that connects at 4 separate attachment points to keep tools in place and an easy to clean, removable interior sleeve, the Cuda Tackle Center will ensure all your tools are secure and within arms reach at all times aboard your vessel. An instruction sheet is also included, along with backing from our Lifetime Warranty (excludes containment rods and net).

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