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X-Men - The Claws of Wolverine

79,20 €

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22113, Hamburg-Mitte, Hamburg, Deutschland


Swords & more proudly presents the Wolverine Claws.Wolverine is one of the main protagonists in the X-Men universe. His past remains a great mystery. He doesn't remember anything from his life in front of adamantium, an indestructible metal that was surgically grafted onto his skeleton. Although he is initially rather reserved, he remains one of the most loyal central characters of the X-Men team to this day.The fantastic blades are made of 4mm stainless steel and can be removed individually. The blades are expressly not built as a fist knife like other models on the market, as these are not allowed in Germany.It's a far less painful way to display the coolest prop in the world (jumping out of your hands was way too messy). This outstanding replica is a perfect addition to any Marvel collection.Use your mutated powers to get this rare replica quickly! Details: Width: 30 cm Depth: 5 cm...

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