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Delta Optical Stryker HD 5-50x56 SFP DLS-1 (Art:00008115)

1.508,00 €

83022, Rosenheim, Bayern, Deutschland
ID: 7109490
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83022, Rosenheim, Bayern, Deutschland



Stryker HD 5-50x56 SFP DLS-1 (Art:00008115)

The Stryker HD 5-50x56 SFP riflescope is a model designed for sports long-range shooting. 10x zoom and top-class ED optics enclosed in a solid 34mm tube as well as durable and precise mechanics allow you to measure even very powerful distances. The telescope is equipped with a ZeroLock function that allows you to set a lock for the vertical cross adjustment knob for specific settings. The high quality of the telescope is confirmed by the impressive range of parallax adjustment - from 10m to infinity. Let us add that in this model the light transmission reaches 98% for a single layer and 92% for the entire telescope. The large eyepiece ensures comfortable observation. The tube is resistant to water and fognitrogen-filled , and additionally allows the reticle to be adjusted vertically up to 300 cm.

The telescope is available with three reticles DLS-1, DLS-2 and DLS-3. These reticles are the essence of precision and usability. The DLS-1 and DLS-2 reticles have been calibrated in milliradians (Mil), which are convenient to convert into metric units (1 Mil = 10cm per 100m) and correspond to the clicks of the telescope - 1 click is 0.1 Mil (10mm). The DLS-3 reticle has been graduated in MOA. The grids are placed in the second optical plane and have an illuminated central point. The base magnification is 40x.

- Scope series: Stryker HD
- Reticle type: DLS-1
- Grid position: Second focal plane (SFP)
- Minimum magnification: 5 x
- Mesh backlight: Yes
- Maximum magnification: 50 x
- Cross adjustment range (vertical / horizontal): 30/15 MIL
- Objective diameter: 56 mm
- Single click cross adjustment (MIL): 0.1
- Exit pupil: 11.2 - 1.12 mm
- Distance from the eye: 89 - 100 mm
- Parallax Adjustment: Side focus (10 m - ∞)
- Tube: 34 mm (1 part)
- Angular field of view: 4.04 - 0.41 °
- Length: 398 mm
- Twilight efficiency: 16.73 - 52.92
- Libra: 1100 g
- Watertightness: 0.3 kg / cm2
- Nitrogen Filling: Yes
- Shock resistance: 6500 J.
- Working temperature: -20 / 71 ° C
- Magnification: 5 - 50 x
- Characteristic Features: ZeroLock
- Guarantee period: 120 months

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